The stabbing incident at the New Bilibid Prison was sparked by a supposed plot to silence convict and alleged drug lord Jaybee Sebastian from testifying against Senator Leila De Lima, a convict said in his affidavit.

During the justice subcommittee on correctional reforms inquiry at the House of Representatives on Wednesday, Chief Superintendent Francisco Ebreo cited the affidavit of convict Tomas Doniña who admitted that he stabbed Sebastian to silence him.

Doniña in his affidavit said he was ordered by a friend from the Philippine Navy to kill Sebastian to stop him from testifying at the House of Representatives probe into the proliferation of drugs at the Bilibid, according to Ebreo, who led the investigation into the Sept. 28 riot at the national penitentiary.

“Doniño averred that he took the opportunity to stab Jaybee Sebastian in order to prevent him from testifying in House inquiry,” Ebreo said.
“May kumausap sa kanya na dating kasamahan sa Navy na gawan niya ng paraan mapatahimik at mapatay para hindi siya makapagsalita laban kay Ma’am Leila De Lima sa laban sa droga sa New Bilibid Prison,” he added.

But Ebreo clarified that there is no strong evidence in Doniño’s affidavit that De Lima was involved in the stabbing incident.

“There’s no strong links of evidence that the person he mentioned is really involved in the said plan,” he said.

Ebreo said the police was leaving it up to the Bilibid investigation section to file charges against Doniña.

Convicts who earlier testified before the House alleged that De Lima had tapped Sebastian to lead drug trafficking inside the Bilibid to raise campaign funds for her 2016 senatorial bid. De Lima has denied the allegations.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, whom De Lima accused of fabricating evidence against her, was a no-show at the hearing.

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