Mocha Uson has been consistent with her show of support for the Duterte administration.

Her Facebook page, in case you didn’t know, has over 4.4 million likes, which means 4.4 million people scroll down on their Facebook and sees what she has to say.

In a post that was published late last evening, the face of Mocha Girls showed her support for the opinion of Senator Allan Peter Cayetano and his stand on child abortion. 

With the senator’s picture, the post said "We don't agree with them but we're courteous enough to understand their sovereignty, morality, and their concept of human rights. So is it too much for us to ask, come here take a look for yourself and we will show you that this drug war is a war against drugs and it's being done in accordance with international human rights standard,” which was a direct quote from the senator.

The post was quick to catch the attention of netizens, getting over 32 thousand likes overnight and more 6 thousand shares on Facebook. 

One Facebook user said, “tama, sa atin violation, sa US legal ang abortion, pero wala tayong pakialam sa mga laws nila kung pumatay sila ng sanggol,” raising concern on the bombings of the global power that is the United States.

Mocha Uson Blog Supports Senator Cayetano’s Stand Against Abortion

Mocha Uson Blog Supports Senator Cayetano’s Stand Against Abortion
Source: TNP, MochaUson

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