Donald Trump might want to beef up his security because dangerous Mexican drug cartels are threating to kill him before he could build the 2,000-mile wall on the US-Mexico border.

In a series of text messages to Trump's aides, they said they will kill and behead the president-elect. They claim to be an intermediary working for a number of drug cartels.

“This man who has bought his way to becoming American President will rue the day he used the dignity of the Mexican people to further himself,” one of the texts said. it is believed the texts were coming from Sinaloa and Juarez Cartels, two of the most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico.

“He will renounce his Hellish proposition to build such a wall. Or we will cut off the head of the snake,” another text reads.

UPDATED Mexican Drug Cartel Bosses Will Kill President Trump Before He Builds That Wall!

Trump has a record of bashing Mexicans by calling them rapists, drug dealers, and people who take away jobs from Americans. He promised to build a wall to keep them out.

But it is not just his stance against Mexico that these drug cartels are furious about but his staunch promise to eradicate their business. President Barack Obama was considered relatively weak on stopping the illegal drug cartel activities.

UPDATED Mexican Drug Cartel Bosses Will Kill President Trump Before He Builds That Wall!

Rivals Juan Pablo Ledezma of the Juárez Cartel and Joaquin El ChapoGuzman of the Sinaloa Cartel are said to have united for the meantime and hired a hit squad to kill Trump in order to prevent the wall and make their business bloom more.
Source: TNP , Thugify

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