Manny Pacquiao is a pretty skillful boxer even in his amateur years. He has shown his dedication and determination when it comes to boxing.

During his fights, many of his fans cheers for him. A part of the huge crowd that supports Pacquiao is former Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

In a now-viral video from October 26, 2002, Manny Pacquiao fought for the IBF World Super Bantamweight title. He was against Thai Boxer, Fahprakord Rakkiatgym.  The fight between the two took place at Rizal Memorial Colleges Gym in Davao City.

Mayor Duterte was seen cheering Pacquiao when he knocked Rakkiatgym down.

It was disclosed that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was one of the people who helped in arranging some of Pacquiao’s fight in Davao and other fights before. Seems like the president has always been a fan of the senator!

See the video below!

Source: TNP, YouTube

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