Senator Richard Gordon set off a bold statement in a radio interview after he asked the cabinet members to resign if they are not in the same side as President Duterte

“Kung ikaw ay cabinet member, you have to side with the president. Kung hindi mo na kayang mag-side sa presidente at sa prinsipyo mo, you resign”. Gordon pointed out the members should be unified as one. “Kapag ikaw ay kokontra, at hindi na kayo magka-igihan ng presidente, you resign or the president fires you” 

The Senator never considered himself to be under at anyone’s ally. However, Gordon is infuriated with what is happening to the government today. According to him, the inconsistency has always been present, especially at the time when a lot of liberals transferred sides at the time Duterte won the presidency. 

Gordon clarified that he is not forcing anyone to change sides.

Gordon : You resign or the president fires you
Source: TNP, NowReader

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