720,000 public school teachers will have a merrier Christmas this year because by yearend, they will receive twice as much as bonus compare to last year according to Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC).
Teachers who stand to receive the maximum amount of P35,000 in PBB, can get the maximum amount of P64,077 this year, A teacher with a basic salary of P19,077 awaits the following perks: a minimum of P5,000 in performance-based bonus (PBB); a year-end bonus worth P19,077; P5,000 in cash gift and another P5,000 as productivity enhancement incentive (PEI), according to TDC chair Benjo Basas.
“This is an unprecedented amount,” Basas said, attributing the increase in part to the significant increase in teachers’ basic salaries.
“The PBB, year-end bonus and cash gift will all be released this month while the PEI will be given in December,” he noted.
PBB is productivity-based incentive system under the Salary Standardization Law-3 and depending on the schools performance, public teachers can get a PBB of P5,000 to a maximum of P35,000.
Basas says that only 2% of the entire DEPed employees gets that maximun P35,000 PBB, “It’s hard to get a PBB higher than P5,000,” he noted.
Source: Inquirer

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