Atty. Trixie said on her open letter for senator Leila De Lima that she feels like she's compelled to defend the country than to defend the President from the senator's "ill-disguised attempt to oust a duly elected leader."

Trixie Cruz-Angeles, UP Law graduate wrote an open letter to Senator Leila de Lima using her Facebook page claiming that the latter used human rights and rights of women in order to oust President Rodrigo Duterte

She even exclaimed that De Lima herself disobeyed the decision of Supreme Court when she was still the Justice Secretary, and was not above the Aquino naming and shaming campaign.

She said that while De Lima is leading the Department of Justice, women were trafficked inside New Bilibid Prison. According to Cruz-Angeles, women are treated like commodities inside NBP.

"You do human rights and rights of women a disservice." she said on her open letter.

"You have made these principles hostage in your attempts to stave off incipient criminal cases. You have made them strategic initiatives." she wrote.

The post gained more than 2.7 thousand likes.

'You're Making Rights as an Excuse to Oust a Duly Elected Leader'- Prominent Lawyer from UP Said to De Lima
Source: TNP , Facebook

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