Despite lack of evidence, the inquiry in the House of Representatives pushed through with their investigation on De Lima’s alleged connection on the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison. According to the testimonies of the 6 convict witnesses, the senator was the main benefactor of drugs inside the national penitentiary. Colangco, a kidnapper convict who later got involved in drugs claimed that he had been giving De Lima a monthly “payola” after allowing the illegal entry of different contrabands.

In the recent hearing, Nonile Arile delivered his testimony and dragged another personality,  Actress Rosanna Roces, saying that she was a mistress of one of the Bilibid’s drug lord Vicente Sy. But the former sexy star immediately denied the issue and posted her statement in her Facebook page saying:

Rosanna Roces Reveals Truth About NBP Mistress Issue And You Won't Believe What She Said!
Source: TNP Facebook

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