Actress Agot Isidro took to her Facebook account and called Duterte psychopath” on October 9, which made her viral.

Because of this, the actress gained many hate comments coming from Duterte’s supporters. Meanwhile, the President gained support as well from actress Elizabeth Oropesa

After Agot released her opinions about Duterte administration, Oropesa took to her Facebook account as well to express her support for Pres. Duterte. 

In her social media platform, the actress posted a picture of her wearing a white t-shirt with print saying “It’s A Duterte Thing You Wouldn’t Understand”. She captioned her picture with “One of the 16 million psychopath”.

The post of the 62-year old actress went viral with thousands of likes in a matter of hours.

Elizabeth Oropesa Slammed Back At Agot Isidro Over Duterte Remarks!
Source: TNP , Nowreader , Facebook

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