Did Edwin Lacierda called social media blogger Mocha Uson lazy?

The former presidential spokesperson criticized the Duterte Die-Hard Supporter (DDS) for "smartshaming" him after he criticized her for doing "lazy research" about the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

"Sorry po sir Edwin Lacierda kayo na matalinong disente," Uson said sarcastically.

"The whole purpose of the post was not to elicit an apology from you. If all you got from that post was to portray yourself with false humility, that was not my intention and frankly and with all due respect, you can be better than that," Lacierda replied.

She urged Uson to do research because she has a huge following on the social media.

"You speak of USAID without a whit evidencing effort on your part to learn its role. Maybe you have a phalanx of researchers, maybe you don't. But if you want people to disagree with you intelligibly, the minimum requirement, for goodness sake, is to take some time to read and research. What is so difficult with that?"

With this, Lacierda assured that if people disagree with Uson, she will receive intellectual criticisms and not slut-shaming posts.

"I believe you earned your right to be heard on social media and perhaps elsewhere. You have done a marvelous job of attracting so many followers for which I respect but let us not forget that right comes with its corresponding obligations."

Uson replied TO Lacierda's post, indicating that his job in the government is already finished after the Aquino administration.

"Salamat po sir Edwin Lacierda. Tapos napo 6 years niyo po move on na. With the utmost respect," she said.
Source: TNP Facebook

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