Senator Franklin Drilon appeals to President Rodrigo Duterte that he must consider allowance hike to the entire government employees. This is the reaction of Drilon after the soldiers and policemen salaries went high from P500 to P3,000.00
Based on the report of Inquirer, Drilon urged the President to also apply the salary increase to civilian workers since this is the perfect time to do it, he said:
I urge the President to extend his generosity that he has showered our uniformed men and women to our equally deserving and dedicated civilian personnel. It is only timely and proper that we provide relief to civilian employees, whose purchasing power has eroded through the years, by way of an additional allowance of P3,000 per month.
In addition to that, Senator Drilon emphasized that it will only cost additional P47 billion of Duterte approves his request.
Annually, it will only cost additional P47 billion in government coffers, which can be lodged under the MPBF or in the agencies’ respective budgets.
While Drilon believes that the increased benefit to our men in uniform will be a great help for their families, he emphasized that civilian employees also need the salary increase.
Such is true with the civilian employees, who are having a hard time to cope with the rising cost of living.

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