Vice President Leni Robredo suggests that our President Rodrigo Duterte should stop word war with other countries such as the United States and Europe. As a matter of fact, VP Leni tells Duterte that he should make room for them.
Due to the tirade between the Philippines, U.S. and Europe, VP Leni was forced to give unsolicited advice to Dutere, she said:
It’s okay to be allies with China and Russia, but we don’t need to remove friends as a result of that. We should make more rooms for more friends.-VP Leni Robredo
Aside from Sen. Lacson and Sen. Gordo, VP Leni also advice Duterte to slow down when answering such statements from the leaders of other countries.
Duterte should reach out to as many as countries as possible. Our friendship should not be exclusive to China or Russia. He should think of his statements long and hard.
Everything that the President says should not be personal. As public officials, everything that we say is a policy. He should be more careful in dealing with other countries.


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