What this user did to his tattoo will surely crack you up
Kwarog Tattoos, a fan page on Facebook for a tattoo shop, was angry with what a netizen did to one of their designs. 

The person who stole their designs, went ahead and shared a photo of a tattoo of Senator Leila De Lima on his right shin. 

The post went viral on social media, creating confusion between the page’s fans. 

His post also had a lengthy story to it, saying that he got the tattoo 6 years ago, when he still thought that the senator was a good person. Now, he said that he wants it removed and was asking for advice, but took matters into his own hands by covering it up with a permanent marker. 

The original owner of the design and administrator of the Kwarog Tattoos facebook page, took a screenshot of this post and shared it on his page. His followers took it upon themselves to “rightfully” shame this person for doing such a thing. 

What most of the followers made fun of was the fact that the design thief’s post went viral. 
An hour later, another person also posted his design on a Facebook page, asking for help as to how he can get the design off of his shin.

It is still unclear what they were trying to accomplish or why they were doing it. 

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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