President Rodrigo Duterte has been in the headlines of newspapers everywhere ever since he stepped into office and started his drug war.

Duterte may be the most misunderstood President the Philippines ever had due to his tactless approach to various political issues, his lack of self-control in spitting out tirades directed to big foreign bodies and his lack of inhibitions in making bold decisions for the country. This demeanor for a President is new to all of us.

Many are used to seeing prim, proper and composed statesmen hold power. Compared to those who came before, the current President seems barbaric and indecent. This has the country divided.

"Sana bukas paggising ko, si Leni Robredo na ang pangulo ng Pilipinas. Ibalik natin ang Pilipinas sa Disenteng Pilipino," one netizen posted.

This statement have earned different reactions from the online community, further dividing the people and once again emphasizing the ideological war between those who support Vice President Robredo, who some claim are elitist, and those who support President Duterte, who some claim are marginalized.

Netizen Maria Emilinda Mendoza commented by saying:

"Disenting Pilipino! Ahhh, this thing called middle class with the middle class perspective of respectability."
"How, especially the middle class intelligentia, can so look down on the "uneducated", on the crass (one with the ways of the) street corner gang member," she added.

While netizen Lea Madulid Romero wrote a caustic and sardonic comment saying:

"Maybe we could give this a try. To satisfy the discontented, the criticizing, the Westerners, the righteous, the prim and proper, and/or the elites. Baka they could prove those who believe in the admin wrong."

'Ibalik Natin Ang Pilipinas Sa Disenteng Pilipino' Netizen Said! The Internet Reacts!
Source: TNP , Facebook

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