The Doha-based state-funded broadcaster, Al Jazeera had the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with President Rodrigo Duterte to clarify important matters happening in the Philippines, as well as his statements against international media and the treatment of the foreign leaders towards him.
PH and China’s Dispute Over Spratly Islands
President Duterte clarifies that he will not give up the Spratly but he can only make an agreement with China. As per Duterte, nobody in the constitution can give it up since those are entitlements. There is so much to be learned in the history, even in the books that’s why he has to go to China and give a courtesy.
Giving up the Island would mean that there would be a possibility for his impeachment.
Cutting ties with America
Duterte stressed that meeting with the China leaders does not mean that the Philippines are moving away from America, it’s just that the leaders of China are more than willing to help to ease the problem in our country, without asking anything in return but a solid agreement that both countries will gain benefit from it.
Duterte's One On One Interview With Al Jazeera: "Spratly Islands, Allies, Drugs"
“Please do not be too discourteous for us. Because if you think we are bad, you are in a bad company. You are free to go. What kind of friend are you? That instead of following the normal process of due process for my country, when I was a Mayor it is ok but if am the President you should be careful because whether you like me or not I maybe an insignificant to you but I carry the burden of sovereignty. If you begin to insult me in International For a without going into a legal investigation, then you put to shame every Filipino.-Duterte
When Duterte was asked who would he rather work with in the white house between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he chose not to answer and expressed his opinion. For he believes that he’s not supposed to say anything about politics in the foreign countries.
Unlike the ambassador of America, when he was asked a question about a speech of mine about slur of a women, it was not. It was a narration of an event that actually happened and that is why I said you can check it out, I said this out in anger when I saw the woman dead and raped. –President Duterte
On the other hand, when Duterte announced that the best President of the Philippines was the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, he was referring to Marcos’ talent, ability and desire to perpetuate himself, perhaps brain work of a person.
At the end of the interview, the Al Jazeera broadcasters asked Duterte on how he would like to be remembered as a President, Duterte said:
“He tried his best.”
Here’s the video of Al Jazeera’s one-on-one interview with President Rodrigo Duterte:

Source: http://trendtitan.com/philippines/dutertes-one-one-interview-al-jazeera-spratly-islands-allies-drugs/

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