President Rodrigo Duterte has been in the light of recognition as he was able to do many things previous presidents were unable to do. Here is the list of the reasons why President Duterte is one of the best leaders the country had:

1.)    He gave attention to military camps as he visited 14 of them in a month. Aside from military camps, the president also paid attention to military hospitals and invited wounded soldiers for a get-together dinner at the Malacanang Palace. He also ordered an annual military conference in Basilan.

2.)    He gave Badjaos new opportunities after giving them necessary vessels and equipment for guarding their sea.

3.)    He already conducted peace talks between the left-wing activists regarding their armed struggle. He also pursued the release of imprisoned leftist leaders. He also initiated peace talks with the Muslim rebels in Mindanao.

4.)    He personally addressed the release of foreign hostages held by armed bandits in the south.

5.)    He was able to resolve and handle the Davao Bombing resulting to the immediate restoration of peace in the city, assistance for the injured and affected civilians and immediate tracking down of the perpetrators. 

6.)    He was able to visit Batanes after a calamity even though the place is his opponents’ turf.

7.)    He has shown cooperation with the neighboring Asian countries as he visited China, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.  In connection to this, he was also able to obtain billion dollars’ worth of investments from China.

8.)    He visited the typhoon-stricken Cagayan and Isabela on a Sunday, moments after his arrival from his foreign visit.

9.)    He was able to make the leftists set their first foot at the Malacanang Palace after opening it for them.

10.)    He has gained popularity internationally as he becomes the topic of the international news. In addition, one of the presidential candidates of the USA has mentioned him and the Philippines in one of their campaign rallies.

11.)    He was able to address the issue of “tanim-bala” scam and he was able to significantly improve airport and airline services.

12.)    Not only he was able to improve the air transportation, he was also able to improve LRT and MRT services. Basic facilities such as escalators and elevators received attention from the President.

13.)    He was able to manage a nationwide emergency response system (911). He was also able to establish a contact service (8888) which addresses citizen’s complaint regarding government services.

14.)    He was able to make government transactions more convenient for the citizens. He also extended the validity of government-issued documents such as driver’s license and passports. He was also able to shorten the release of NSO certificate and Seaman’s book which has to be released within 3 days upon request.

15.)    He was able to sign the Freedom of Information (FOI) for the executive branch of the government.

16.)    In his administration, there is a significant improvement in the country’s disaster preparedness. The government’s resources and funds were spent and used properly.

17.)    He was able to enforce changes in the agriculture sector of the country for its ability to rely on its own production and distribution. He was also able to implement free irrigation nationwide.

18.)    He was able to enforce land reforms and redirect the coconut levy fund to its beneficiaries.

19.)    Has paid attention to illegal mining by ordering the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to impose a strict rule upon issuing mining permits.

20.)    He personally welcomes stranded OFW whose repatriation he made possible.

21.)    He was able to make OFW transactions more convenient by establishing one-stop-shops.

22.)    He was able to make balikbayan boxes worth 10,000 be tax-free. He was also able to order the discontinuance of ENDO for more than 10,000 affected workers.

23.)    He ordered PAGCOR’s cancellation of renewing the license of online gambling companies and asked them to allocate their funds for the improvement of health services and education.

24.)    He worked hands-on when it comes to public officials as he visited them personally in Metro Manila

25.)    There is a significant increase and decrease in the number regarding drugs
-more than 800,000 drug users who surrendered.
-more than 20,000 drug pushers who were apprehended
-1,500 arrest-resistant drug users who were killed din police operations
-2,000 murders by unknown assailants now under investigation
-top drug lords were arrested
-protectors are named
-Bilibid Drug Activities revealed
-drug rehabilitation center in Nueva Ecija is under construction. It can serve 10,000 patients
-crime rate lowers at 40%
All of these things were done within the first 117 days of the President. One cannot imagine what can he do with his remaining 6 years.

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