Davao City Municipal Trial Court Branch 3 refused Edgar Matobato's request to recall the newest warrant of arrest against him.

MTCC Branch 3 headed by Judge Silverio Mandalupe issued the new warrant of arrest for Matobato's failure to appear at the court hearing last week for charges of illegal possession of firearms.

Also, his bail increased from Php 2, 000 to 60, 000 according to the new warrant given to him.

According to Vincent Rendon, Legal Researcher 1 of Davao MTCC Branch 3, "Based on DOJ Circular no.89 dated August 22, 2000, Illegal possession of firearms has a maximum penalty of 6 years. Under the circular, the recommended bail is 10, 000 pesos per year. If you will multiply 10, 000 to 6 years, it would be 60, 000 pesos. That is why the order was amended."

Source: TNP, Untvweb

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