Maria Ressa loathes Mocha Uson's blog, but its technology is also what Rappler made use of.

This is what writer and diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao said on Thursday, when he wrote an editorial explaining why Rappler CEO Maria Ressa detests Duterte supporter and blogger Mocha Uson.

Uson, who  manages a Facebook page called the "Mocha Uson Blog", has garnered over four million followers in a span of a few months.

Ressa, who manages Rappler, deemed to be the third most trusted news site in the country just years after its release in 2012, is believed to have formed this hatred of Uson because of its success, which is identical, even surpassing that of Rappler's.

Ressa, in an article against Uson published weeks ago, even admitted that the sexy-star-turned-political-blogger has more followers than the four-year-old news site.

Tiglao said Ressa might be thinking,  “How can this sexy-dancer-turned-blogger with little money have a bigger audience than Rappler, funded by a big foreign and local businessman?”

He claimed that Ressa might be threatened by the success of  Uson.

Ressa wrote a piece against Uson which said that Uson only earned her popularity because of a technique in social media, claiming Uson's page made use "trolls" or fake accounts, making use of Facebook's flawed algorithms which leads netizens to a particular page, earning Uson a large following.

After the piece was published, Ressa posted several tweets implying that the blog was headed to ruins.

One of her tweets read: “Time to take back the Internet. Time to take back social media.”

Tiglao questioned if Ressa had anything to do with the petition against Uson.

"Ressa is either being hypocritical, or she just doesn’t know what Rappler really is." Tiglao said, claiming that the accusations of the technology used by Uson, is in fact the same technology used by Rappler to earn its fame.

Source: http://www.filipinewsph.com/2016/10/maria-hates-mocha-because-she-is-threat-to-rappler.html

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