President Rodrigo Duterte got an unusual supporter, TV host/actress Kris Aquino just expressed her support to him and ‘war on drugs’ campaign.
Aquino said that she wants Duterte to succeed and she understands that there will be bumps along the way.
“Siyempre (Of course) there will be missteps… Pero ako, gusto ko na mag-succeed (But for me, I want him to succeed),” said Kris.
Besides supporting Duterte she also defended his supporters, the ‘dutertards’.
“Number one, I resent calling anyone ‘tards. Kasi (Because) I have a special child, so I’m sensitive to that, even if it’s a term that is being used widely,” Kris stressed.
Kris Aquino is the youngest sister of former President Benigno Aquino III.


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