Senator Franklin Drilon airs his opinion regarding President Rodrigo Duterte’s challenge to the foreign countries to withdraw their aid as well as the “insults” that the latter continuously pointing back to his critics perhaps the foreign countries.
Based on Sen. Drilon’s statement, he fears that $3 billion aid from the west might be put on hold or worst Philippines will never have it.
The question that is in everybody’s minds, in maintaining our independent foreign policy, do we have to insult our allies? and here you are talking about $3 billion in official development assistance.
Eh, pag araw-araw iniinsulto natin ang atin mga kaibigan, hindi ba ito maiilagay sa alanganin yung $3 billion na ito?- Drilon
Drilon seems to forget to consider that these foreign countries have announced that Duterte urged his allies to kill people for no valid reason and considered as extra-judicial killings. Whilst the enormous drug suspects, victims in the Philippines have increased over the years.
Not to mention the corruption and the illegal drug trade being done privately by the high-profile inmates.

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