Senator Antonio Trillanes III has been one of the most talked about names in the media for this month, as he has been clashing and arguing with a lot of politicians and experts alike, always constantly trying to prove a point. 

One professor called him out for his recent claims.

During the recent actions of President Rodrigo Duterte to sever ties with the US and strengthen China relations, Senator Trillanes said that his decisions resemble that of a communist. 

A certain De La Salle University Political Science professor, Antonio Contreras, reacted to this by saying that "China has become a state monopoly capitalist society, and has become the principal lender (with interest) to many countries including the bastion of capitalism, the good old USA."

The professor also reminded Trillanes of his trips to China and asked, "What was he then doing making those trips to China during the past administration if not dealing with these so-called communists?"

The post of the professor has gotten the attention of many Filipino netizen. One Facebook user said, “Pero sila ay socialist. Pinsan ng communism. 
At ayon sa ibang mga aral na tao, walang masyadong pinag iba ang dalawa.  Nataon lang na hindi credible si Trillanes.” 

This got the professor in Contreras stirring and corrected the Facebook user, telling him to repeat the subject of political economic theory.

DLSU Prof Call Out Trillanes After He Called Duterte A Communist: 'What Was He Doing Making Those Trips to China During The Past Administration?'
Source: TNP , Facebook

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