Senator Leila De Lima oppose and criticize President Duterte’s decision to cut ties with the United States over China and Russia.
Hence, senator De Lima grab the opportunity to express her anger during the Women’s Rights Forum held in Quezon City just this morning, she said:
Ano na naman yung sinasabi na It’s the Philippines, China and Russia against the world? Malaking kahibangan!
De Lima ask the attendees of the forum, what’s with the China that it seems they are too strong to convince our President to make amends and partner with them
Ano kayang meron sa Chna, kung anong pag-aaway at pagmumura ang ginagawa ng Pangulong Duterte sa mga bansang nagmamalasakit sa atin ay sobra-sobra naman ang kabaitan niya sa China kahit na inaangkin nila ang ating teritoryo?
If you believe Senator De Lima is right or you have formally accepted our President Duterte’s decision then let us spread this news. Let everyone use their freedom of expression.


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