Just a few days ago, Duterte choppered in to offer Teddy Boy Locsin the post of the Ambassador to the United Nations.

With only a few days since he sat down at his post, he got into a Twitter war, or at least tried to get into one with former spokesperson Abi Valte.

Yet a few days after that, he is now in another Twitter war against a couple of people regarding the Nazis and President Duterte’s Hitler statement.
One is this former legislator and TV host is part Jewish in decent.

And then another person joined the discussion.

As if that exchange is not enough, there is still more.

And more..

Will he ever stop? That is the question of a person named Jov Quio who started a petition that now has over 7000 signatures. The petition reads:
We respectfully request that Mr. Teodoro Locsin Jr. appointment as permanent envoy of the Republic of the Philippines to the U N be denied.
His blatant justification of anti Semitic lingo of the President of the Republic of the Philippines makes him a racist, clearly showing his prejudice against theJewish people.
The People of the Philippines


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