Finally! CHR ready to work with Pres. Duterte in order to RELEASE allegedly the budget worth P537 million. Is it Just because of the Allege Money why CHR Chief Join Duterte? Sources Revealed that the Answer to this seems "YES"..Money Talks IS GASCON SINCERE TO JOIN AND HELP DUTERTE OR HE ONLY WANTS THE BUDGET TO BE RELASED? Human Rights Chief Gascon is now ready to Join Duterte's camp.Finally! - Is it Just because of the Allege Money why CHR Chief Join Duterte?

In a previous Press Release Commision on Human Rights has always mentioned the release of the Department's Budget of at least P471.6 million, which is about 40 percent lower than the P780-million budget request it had submitted, said Commissioner Karen Gomez-Dumpit. "Certainly, we think human rights is an important matter that should deserve more attention and priority," CHR chairman Chito Gascon told ABS-CBN News. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said it is prepared to draw in and work with recently elected President Duterte. “The CHR congratulates President Duterte on his inauguration to high office and wish him much success in pursuing his mandate. The CHR looks forward to engaging with his administration on human rights as we each must do what we must,”said CHR director Chito Gascon.

But His Intention of Joining Duterte's camp has been allegedly EYED simple because Gascon is only interested allegedly with the RELEASE of the Budget. President Rodrigo Duterte has repeatedly attacked the CHR and human rights groups for sounding the alarm on the rising number of drug-related killings under his watch. Nearly 2,000 people have been killed in less than two months since he took office, according to the Philippine National Police. Dumpit said the commission was investigating the deaths of at least 234 people.

About half of the cases involved those killed in police operations, while the rest were the handiwork of supposed vigilantes, the commissioner said. "What is alarming is the magnitude and widespread character of these killings," Gascon said. "What is unprecedented about this is the sheer number over a very short period of time.


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