Mocha Uson Blog had the opportunity to talk with former senator Bongbong Marcos about the the elections that were held earlier this year.

The concerned citizen, Uson, did not waste any time with the former presidential son and went straight to asking his opinions on the elections. 
When asked if he thinks there were any cheating, Marcos said that it was clear as daylight that it was rigged and he indeed got cheated.

“Sa palagay ko maliwanag na maliwanag, hindi lamang sa amin, hindi lamang sa mga pulitko, kung hindi ang taong bayan mismo. 

Maliwanag na hindi tama, at sabay sabay na nag bago.”

The former senator also pointed out the conditioning that the social surveys did to the majority of people, claiming that this was a way for them to have that sudden change in numbers during the election itself that was in favour of now Vice President Leni Robredo.

Marcos Jr also claimed that Smartmatic was part of the election rigging, saying that they utilized unused PCOS machines that the COMELEC declared as spares, and then add to the votes of their favoured candidate. 

When asked about his plans if he ever does get elected as vice president, Marcos Jr said that he would support the anti-corruption and anti-drugs campaign of President Duterte. He would also focus on the improvement of various infrastructures, education, and agriculture industry.

The former senator ended by saying, “Kahit saang posisyon ako ilagay, kahit papaano makakatulong ako.”

Source; TNP, MochaUsonBlog

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