Staunch Duterte supporter and lawyer Bruce Rivera has posted his open letter on Facebook to ABS-CBN, telling them to shut down for all the articles they have posted that portray Duterte as a bad person.

For him, the last straw was an article about Duterte saying there was no one beautiful in the province of Isabela.

"It was a retort to a comment made by a reporter that insinuated he would give extra attention to some beautiful woman in Isabala which he answered in jest, wala namang maganda sa Isabela. It was not even a bad joke but a witty retort to a naughty question," Rivera said.

"Ipasara na yang mga punyetang media na yan na walang tino sa pagrereport!!!! Nakakapikon. Ang aga-aga at nasa Tokyo ako ngarag na ngarag para gumawa ng mabuti sa bansa tapos itong punyetang media, busy-busihan maghanap ng pwedeng ipukol sa yo," he added.

Rivera also urged the President to just speak in Bisaya so that the media would have a hard time interpreting what he is saying,

"Mayor, magBisaya ka na nga sa lahat ng salita mo tapos bahala na mag-interpret yung mga hayup na crony media na yan. Tutal karamihan ng Pilipino, marunong magBisaya. For a change, adjust naman kayong di marunong and refer to translators," he said.

Read his whole post here:

Atty. Bruce Rivera Goes Beastmode On ABS-CBN! 'Ipasara na yang mga punyetang media na yan!'
 Source: TNP, Facebook

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