The Senate hearing led by Sen. Leila De Lima regarding the alleged extrajudicial killings against President Duterte stirred attention from many netizens and has been the topic of discussions made by many concern Filipinos since it began last Thursday September 15.

Many netizens use their different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions and sentiments regarding the trending issue. One of them is the founder of Public us Asia and a veteran political analyst, Malou Tiquia, who said that De Lima is destroying Duterte and his presidency. The veteran asked De Lima to stop using her witness to destroy the President and his leadership.

“Sen. De Lima, you are destroying the Presidency, PNP and Davao City with your witness. Let us stop these. Just like what LP did to Binay, I suggest after this hearing you file cases against all the people identified by your witness. That is if you truly believe in your witness.” – Tiquia posted in her Facebook account. 

Tiquia also compared Duterte’s hearing to Binay’s hearing before asking what happened to Binay’s cases after 17 hearings. Tiquia also said that she is hoping that De Lima will file necessary cases against those who are responsible for the crimes her witness mentioned.

“After 17 hearings in the Senate against Binay and taxpayers money spent against him, what? I hope the hearing in your committee will truly be in aid of legislation. As a lawyer and former DOJ Secretary, I hope you file the necessary criminal cases fast. As officer of the Court, he mentioned criminal acts and unless it has prescribed, cases must be filed.” Tiquia added.

Tiquia’s Facebook post went viral and has garnered affirmation from many netizens who believe that due to this, De Lima has completely destroyed her credibility.

Meanwhile, Prof. Malou Tiquia is the first Filipino to graduate from the Graduate School of Political Management of the George Washington University in 2002 with a degree of Master of Arts in Political Managemant specializing in Lobbying.
See her full post here:

Veteran Political Analyst Commands Leila De Lima To Stop Destroying Duterte!

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