Philippine National Police (PNP) conducted an Anti-drug operation last Saturday which six drug traffickers that includes a nurse and a councilor of a barangay.

Kenneth Santillan, a nurse allegedly sells party drugs to his clients at high-end bars Makati City and at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.

Based on police reports, there were five party drug that was caught being sold by the nurse on a Saturday night at the corner Lane A and 32nd Street in BGC.

Police also caught not just party drugs but also 12 “Hello Kitty” pills, 11 sachet of shabu, a shabu-laced water bottle and 10 tablets of Valium from the nurse. 

Barangay 43 Councilor Jordan Garlan from Pasay City was captured around 7:45pm in front of the Barangay hall in Tramo Street for he has been selling P5000-wroth of shabu. And they were also caught other illegal drugs.

Amos Apostol, a 28-year-old got arrested due to being caught selling party drugs at the Palace pool club at 9th Avenue, Corner 36th street, BGC, Taguig City.

Inside Taguig City Jail, Djonalyn Rodrigo was suspected to be smuggling drugs inside and she was arrested in a different operation.

In Parañaque City, SPD was able to arrest two drug suspects in Barangay Tambo. At a unit in St. Anthony Residences, a buy-bust operation was held for there were supposed selling of shabu.

The six drug traffickers supported General Dela Rosa’s claim that they were not executed, they are only arrested. This is contrary to what human rights advocates are claiming.

Police Officers Arrested A Nurse And A Barangay Councilor For Selling Drugs! MUST READ!
Source: TNP, Kami

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