Representative Lito Atienza have recently spoken on the riot that occurred inside the maximum security penitentiary of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) where two high profile inmates namely Peter Co and Jaybee Sebastian were almost killed, while another high profile inmate Tony Co was killed, blaming Senator Leila De Lima for the tragic incident.

The two were scheduled to testify against the senator on the senate inquiry on the proliferation of illegal drug activities and contrabands inside the NBP during De Lima's term as the Justice Secretary. In addition, Sebastian is also being linked  by the President to the Senator claiming that the two are having an illicit affair. De Lima denied all allegations saying Sebastian is nothing but a government asset.

Atienza said that De Lima's public declaration that Sebastian was a government asset during her term in the Department of Justice has put Sebastian's life in danger inside the penitentiary among the other high-profile inmates.

"Sa pagsabi ni Sen De lima na asset ng gobyerno si JB Sebastian, para na rin niyang sinabi na patayin niyo na yan," Atienza said.

The congress is now pushing for the investigation of the riot that occurred this Wednesday morning.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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