The never ending battle between President Duterte and Senator De Lima continues to rise, when the latter released some of the text messages she received since September 21, 2016.
Senator Leila De Lima released text messages to prove his innocence, especially to Duterte’s supporters that they are desperate to force those witnesses to testify against her.
The first message she released was last September 21, 2016, from Jaybee Sebastian’s wife. Based on the document, Sebastian’s wife told De Lima that even their personal lives are being affected by the issue in illegal drug trades. Thus, she prefers to let Jaybee speak the truth even if it’s against her will.
De Lima Released Alleged Text Messages Against Duterte
Another message received on September 22, 2016, implicating that the former NBI officials are being forced to sign an affidavit. The sender is seeking for De Lima’s help if she can do anything just to save these NBI officials of being used by President Duterte’s allies.
De Lima Released Alleged Text Messages Against Duterte
On the same day, another senator De Lima received a text message wherein, it illustrates that Jaybee and wife are advised to cooperate or otherwise their bank accounts will be put on hold.
Jaybee’s wife hopes that their children will somehow understand and forgive them for participating to the illegal drug trades.


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