On thursday Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, said Senator Leila De Lima should be in for a surprise in next week’s House of Representatives probe into the alleged drug links of the former justice secretary.
“You will be surprised next week because there will be new witnesses who will surface and testify against people involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs at the NBP,” said Alvarez.

He stressed though that the forthcoming House investigation will be in aid of legislation and is not meant to prosecute De Lima.

In an ambush interview, Alvarez said there is nothing new in the accusations raised by a self-confessed member of the “Davao Death Squad” against Duterte in the Senate probe.

Alvarez called Matobato a “recycled witness” presented by De Lima to divert public interest from the House Bilibid probe.
“Wala nang bago dyan. I think he is a recycled witness,” Alvarez said. He is also from Davao and he has no knowledge of the supposed hit team, also known as “DDS” in Davao.

“Ako taga-Davao ako at wala naman akong alam na Davao Death Squad (DDS). Die-hard Duterte Supporter, DDS, walang Davao Death Squad. Ako miyembro ako ng DDS (I’m from Davao and I’m not aware of Davao Death Squad (DDS). I only know about Die-hard Duterte Supporter, DDS, but there’s no Davao Death Squad. I’m a member of DDS.),” Alvarez said.

Alvarez also said he believed that some of the alleged extra-judicial killings may have been perpetrated by drug syndicates themselves in a bid to silence some of those who could testify against the big-time drug lords.

The Speaker said the testimony of the Senate witness maybe part of Sen. Leila De Lima’s bid to soften the impact against her of the forthcoming investigation of the House of Representatives on the proliferation of illegal drugs at the National Bilibid Prison during her term as Justice Secretary.

He noted that during her term as Justice Secretary, De Lima conducted a probe on the alleged extra-judicial killings in Davao but the DoJ has not filed any charges in court.

“We are not prepared to usurp the functions of the judiciary. We are investigating the causes of the proliferation of illegal drugs at the National Bilibid Prison during her time as Justice Secretary. And this is done in aid of legislation, so we can determine how we can amend the law to address this problem,” Alvarez said.
Source: newsmediaph

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