Former Interior and Tourism Secretary Rafael Alunan III suggests the Presidential Communications Office to punish journalists, every time they publicly report our President Rodrigo Duterte purposely insulted U.S. President Barack Obama.
On his Facebook post, he said punish journalists and blacklist all of them, he said:
Saboteurs working under the influence that ought to be blacklisted. –Rafael Alunan III to Presidential Communications Office.
Alunan stated that these journalists misguided the people locally and internationally. Thus, it affects the diplomatic relationship of the Philippines with the United States.
Should be singled out and sanctioned for malice. Placing the country’s diplomatic relations with the U.S. at risk.
In fact, articles made by these journalists have led Hillary Clinton to support Obama’s decision to postpone his supposed first meet-up with President Duterte. Whereas the U. S. President Aspirant Hillary Clinton said that Duterte’s way of saying ‘sorry no meeting’ is to insult Barack Obama.
Duterte’s tirade deserves to be punished so they will learn unforgettable life lessons. And hopefully, prompt them to change their behaviour. Freedom of the press is not tantamount to having the freedom to destroy, while the press must be punished. All senior government officials must undergo a seminar on dealing with the media so they will know how to manage press conferences and interviews.
Alunan’s unsolicited advice?
First rule, never get baited, instead be the master baiter!
Alunan’s suggestion to punish journalists may somehow prevent those write ups to destroy the image of our President as well as our country.


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