Arthur Tugade, the appointed chief of the Department of Transportation (DOT) of President Duterte, is getting massive approval from netizens as NAIA terminal 3, once dubbed "worst aiport" in the world, has gotten a massive makeover. 

Dane Policarpio, a frequent traveler, noticed and praised the big changes at NAIA Terminal 3. On his post on Facebook, he shared in details his experience at NAIA T3:

MUST READ: Netizen Praised The Huge Improvement At NAIA Terminal 3, Former "Worst Airport" In the World!

Some netizens also shared that they had the same experience just like Policarpio did.

However, he said that he is not a fan of Tugade but credit must be given where it's due.

Tugade has also signed a deal with different airline companies to attend to the problems and maintenance of the toilets in NAIA.

Dane Policarpio said that he’ll end his “Tugade praise post” with a screenshot of the result of the NAIA’s speedtest.net.
Source: TNP, AsianPolicy

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