President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his quick speech yesterday in Cagayan De Oro. He stated that the reason why Senator Leila De Lima has been forced to released Motabato, to be a witness against him is because she’s pinned down as the queen of illegal drug trades in the Philippines.
Secondly, the President also revealed that his alleged ties with Davao Death Squad have been used, already by his previous rivals in the politics; which is now De Lima’s strategy to drag him down.
The Department of Justice has now 30 high-profile inmates and witnesses who are more than willing to testify everything they know against Senator Leila de Lima. Apparently, De Lima’s way of using Matobato against him started as early as 2008.
Ngayong naging senador, daldal nang daldal, daldal nang daldal, sabi niya yung si Matobato was with them sa Witness Protection Program for three years. Ngayon na lang niya binitawan kasi naiipit na siya.
Ginamit sa eleksyon, ginamit ni De Lima who was I said, for almost so many years, the Chairman of the Human Rights. Reklamo ng Reklamo, bunganga nang bunganga, wala naming ginawa ang putangina niya. You know De Lima was screwing her driver and at the same time she’s screwing the nation. Siya yung may hawak ng drug lords sa Bilibid.-Duterte


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