A few days ago a riot broke at the New Bilibid Prison, New reports came out that there was shabu inside the prison and the 4 injured high-profile inmates were using it, that’s why they were told off and that’s where the riot began.

Atfer the incident however, Jaybee Sebastian, a survivor of the riot said through his lawyer that he wants to talk to no less than President Duterte personally to disclose everything he knows which he said is “explosive”.

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Unfortunately for him, President Duterte declined, saying that he does not talk to criminals.

So, where does that leave Sebastian?
Earlier today, News5 Everywhere reported that Sebastian talked to CIDG and he has a sworn affidavit stating that there were no shabu involved in the riot, he said that he was just sitting in his rocking chair when he was stabbed by Tomas Donina.
When asked if there was any misunderstanding between him and Donina, he said no.
Watch the full video below:


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