The Philippines is expecting to receive two military aircraft from the United States before the end of the year, as per the announcement of the Philippine state’s coast guard spokesperson that was made this week. 

On Wednesday, the Philippine Coast Guard spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said that the 
US will be giving the country two Sherpa aircraft and will be delivered on December. 

GREAT NEWS: Philippines To Receive Advanced Military Planes From US!

"It will help us in the movements of the Philippine Coast Guard, like patrol missions," Balilo added. He said the Sherpas will help the coast guard augment its ability to perform air patrols, which are currently carried out by two old Britten-Norman Islanders. 

GREAT NEWS: Philippines To Receive Advanced Military Planes From US!

This was days after the controversial remarks of President Duterte to Obama, calling him a “son of a whore”. 

Obama said that he does not take it personally and understands that it is just his way of talking. 

"I think it's very important that we have a relationship, but there has to be a certain level of respect that is expected on both sides," said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The country has been exerting much effort in improving the state’s defense, especially with the disputes with China after it has chosen to ignore the ruling from The Hague. 

In March, the US and the Philippines has made an agreement to a new security deal  that grants Washington increased military presence in its former colony through rotation of ships and planes for humanitarian and maritime security operations. 

However, the US has made it clear that they do not take side, but will continue to raise naval presence in region.

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