For the record, Senator Leila De Lima pleaded to all her critics to stop playing the alleged scandal in the Congress. De Lima questioned the President why did he allow the senate play the scandal in the Congress which is against the law.
Alam niyang labag sa batas yan kung meron mang ganyang video. Please, stop, pwede ba, tigilan na ninyo talaga ako.
What are you going to do? what satisfaction are you getting from all these? This is so so vile. This is so foul. Ayaw ko pong patulan yung mga ganyan. My goodness gracious, are they going to such extent? Ano bang napapala nila sa mga ganyan? -Sen. De Lima
But earlier the Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II provokes De Lima if she will still insist on denying her relationship with Ronnie Dayan, he will be forced to present another three sex videos.
Halimbawa kung nag-trial tapos dine-deny ni De Lima yung relationship niya with Ronnie Dayan or anybody, then we could show that video. – Aguirre II

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