Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said President Duterte is not a man of his word for seeking another six months to end the drug menace in the country instead of stepping down. He is asking the President, where was his promise to resign?
“In the campaign, he categorically said that the drug problem would be solved in six months or he would step down. But of course he is not a man of one word. His words cannot be trusted and he gives a lot of excuses,”
“He made the people believe. Anybody in his right mind cannot claim that. Can he not see that his method is not effective?”
Pabillo, like Leni Robredo said he believes that the government should instead shift its attention to the rehabilitation of drug dependents.
“It should be rehabilitation and implement a stronger anti-poverty campaign. He should also root out corruption in the police and the government. Where are the generals and the mayors who have been punished? Are there any?”

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