It is undeniable that Duterte's War Against Drugs is stirring impression all over the world as the Parliament of the United Kingdom had endorsed the Philippine President's way of fighting crime and drugs last Friday, September 10.

The decision had undergone series of debates and discussions before the house finalized their stand regarding this matter. It was reported that the house considered the dreadful effects of drugs to the nation and its citizens which urged the Parliamentary house to end up with their decision.

In can be recalled that Duterte's war against drugs started as soon as Duterte assumed office. However, the same war had caused over 2,000 deaths in the country which made it garner both praises and criticisms. 

Meanwhile, the UK Parliamentary committed full support to Duterte in search for people who are involved in illegal drug trades.

BREAKING NEWS: UK Parliament Is Endorsing Duterte's Way Of Handling War Against Drugs!
Source: TNP, Newstrendph

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