Authorities arrested Vice Mayor Abdulwahab Sabal and his body guards who came from Talitay, Maguindanao. They were all captured at Awang Airport after seeing an improvised explosive device (IED) with them, police stated last Saturday.

At Awang Airport last Thursday, he two body guards of Sabal recognized as Maulana and Nasser were captured around 1p.m., police report from Maguindanao provincial police said. Also, the wife of Sabal was with him during the time of the arrest.

A police report mentioned that the IED was made from a 60mm mortar around round and there were also 12 plastics of shabu,  two pieces of .45 pistols, an M16 rifle that were seed from them.

Sabal was brought in to Department of Justice (DOJ) in Manila for inquest proceedings and also at detention in Camp Crame in Quezon City. He was included in the "narco-list" of President Duterte.

Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and illegal possession of firearms and explosives were the charges that Sabal and his men has to face. 

He was however, being linked to the Davao City bombing last September 2 that 70 got injured and 14 people passed away. 

A top police official said during his interview with Manila Bulletin said:

"We received information of his links in the Davao bombing, but thus us just information. It is yet to be validated."


Report said that the arrested points out a Lady Senator who is responsible for the Davao City blast a week ago.
Source: TNP, Facebook

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