In a press briefing at Camp Crame just this morning, the Philippine National Police Chief Gen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa reiterated that there would be no special treatment would at all to be given to those celebrities involve in drugs.
Dela Rosa said being a celebrity does not mean that you are exempted to the rule. In fact, Dela Rosa guarantees that the same procedure of Oplan Tokhang will be implanted to these celebrities.
Ito-Tokhang natin, sama kayo? Katukin natin sa kani-kaniyang bahay, kani-kanyang TV station. Sabihin na surrender na kayo kasi identified kayo na user. Tinokhang nga natin yung mga high-end subdivisions dyan, sila pa na public figure. They should be open to the public.-Dela Rosa
Based on the report of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption chair Martin Dino, there are over 50 celebrities to the President’s drug list.

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